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Measurement software QKIT

Qkit framework -- an extension to qtlab written in python

We are developing the open-source measurement software QKIT (https://github.com/qkitgroup/qkit)


  • a collection of ipython notebooks for measurement and data anaysis tasks.
  • hdf5 based data storage of 1,2 and 3 dimensional data, including a viewer for 1 and 2 dimensional data.
  • classes for data fitting, e.g. of microwave resonator data. This includes also a robust circle fit algorithm.
  • extended and maintained drivers for various low frequency and microwave electronics.
  • large parts of the framework can be used independently of qtlab.


The qkit framework has been tested under windows and with limits under macos x and linux. The gui requires h5py, qt and pyqtgraph, which work fine on these platforms.