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Design and Fabrication of Superconducting Circuits

Design and Fabrication of Superconducting Circuits

Master thesis project in the context of implementations of quantum information processing with superconducting circuits.



Kontaktperson: Dr. Ioan Pop

 We invite interested students to apply for a Master thesis in our group. During their thesis, they will get an introduction to the field of superconducting electronics and gain practical experience in microelectronics design and micro-fabrication in a cleanroom (e-beam and optical lithography).

Our laboratory benefits from a fully functional nanofabrication facility, including an electron beam pattern generator, optical lithography, metal deposition machines and imaging tools.

Please contact ioan.pop@kit.edu for details and applications.

Image credits: F. Lecocq, I. M. Pop, Z. Peng, I. Matei, T. Crozes, T. Fournier, C. Naud, W. Guichard and O. Buisson
Junction fabrication by shadow evaporation without a suspended bridge
Nanotechnology, 22, 315302 (2011)