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Josephson Junction Networks

Josephson Junction Networks

Thesis project in the context of implementations of quantum information processing with superconducting circuits.



Kontaktperson: Dr. Ioan Pop

 Image: The Josephson Junction: schematic (top), and electron beam image of Al/AlOx/Al junction (bottom)

We are looking for a motivated PhD candidate to design, implement, and operate quantum superconducting circuits. This project will focus on the study of networks of Jospehson junctions with custom tailored energy spectra.

During their training, PhD candidates will gain practical experience in microelectronics design, microfabrication, low temperature (mK) measurements, and high-frequency electronics.

Our laboratory benefits from a fully functional nanofabrication facility, including an electron beam pattern generator, optical lithography, metal deposition machines and imaging tools.

Please contact ioan.pop@kit.edu for details and applications.