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Surface and bulk acoustic waves on thin-film disordered materials

Surface and bulk acoustic waves on thin-film disordered materials
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Masters Thesis


Arnold Seiler
Saskia Meißner
Prof. Georg Weiß


Microscopic picture of atoms tunneling between different con figurations.

Circuit containing surface acoustic wave transducers and superconducting resonators.

Glasses are known to have very distinct properties from their crystalline counterparts despite identical chemical composition. To describe the universal low-temperature properties the Standard Tunneling Model was developed about 40 years ago which suggested atoms or groups of atoms tunneling configurations of similar energies. More recently these atomic tunneling systems (TS) were not only found to be present in glasses but also in artificial quantum systems where they lead to loss and decoherence. Their interaction with electric fields as well as with elastic deformation of the material allows to study their dynamics.


Most properties of TS can be mapped on two-level systems similar to spins in a magnetic field. Here, coherent control of individual TS or ensembles is achieved by application of resonant electric and acoustic fields.

In this work surface and bulk acoustic waves at GHz frequencies will be used to interact with TS in the thin-film disordered oxide layer of plate capacitors embedded in superconducting resonators. By combination of electric and acoustic fields coherent control of resonant TS should be achieved by pulse techniques known from spins in magnetic fields.

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