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Diploma- and Doctoral Theses

KryostatTopics for graduation (Diplom-Physiker, Ph. D.) are continiously offered from the various research areas. The list of finished theses may give you an impression about the different possibilities of experimental work. For a specific interest please contact the responsible group-leader.

We encourage you to get further information by personally contacting the undergraduate or graduate students in the laboratories of the institute. (Physics building, 1., 3. - 5. floor and basement).

Apart from solving challenging research problems, you will improve your skills and know-how for your career during your graduation time, by getting involved into::

  • Online control of experiments
  • Software programming
  • Small signal-measuring and high frequency measurements
  • UHV- und cryotechnics
  • Thin-film deposition techniques
  • Micro- and nanostructuring


This internet presentation will give you a short survey about the institute. For further information the undergraduate and graduate students will be happy to meet you for a short discussion about

  • the recent research
  • the scientific requirement
  • the atmosphere
  • the supervising

and much more which will be important for your work here and a successful graduation.

Diese Seiten können sicher nur einen Überblick bieten. Darum informieren wir, die Diplomanden und Doktoranden des Physikalischen Instituts, Sie gerne weiter über

  • die aktuelle Forschungsarbeit
  • die Anforderungen an Sie
  • das Arbeitsklima
  • die Betreuung

und vieles mehr, was im Verlauf der Diplomarbeit für Sie wichtig sein kann.

There is a daily casual meeting between 12:00 and 14:00 (after lunch) in the meeting room of each research group.

Room 1-14 (AG Prof. Weiß)
Room 1-14, 4-21 (AG Prof. v. Löhneysen)

Please join us for a coffee. We are looking forward to meet you!