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Simulating artificial graphen with superconducting resonators

Simulating artificial graphen with superconducting resonators

Dienstag, 15.01.2019, 15.45 Uhr


Seminarraum 3-1, Physikhochhaus


Mr. Alexis Morvan
Université Paris, France


Abstract: We present experimental studies of two artificial honeycomb lattices made of superconducting resonators. We image the spatial distributions of the modes using a low temperature laser scanning microscopy based on the variation of the microwave transmission of the lattice. This variation is induced by the absorbed laser power by a site of the lattice and is proportional to the weight of the probed mode on this site. In addition to mode labeling, mode imaging enables the reconstruction of the dispersion relation by Fourier transform. We were able with this technique to investigate edge-states modes of graphene and domains walls modes at the interface between two gapped graphene. We also have developed an ab initio method to calculate lattice spectrum by simulating a few resonators on electromagnetic software. This provides an effective tight-binding Hamiltonian that is in good agreement with experimental data.