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Lukas Grünhaupt

Lukas Grünhaupt

lukas gruenhauptQff1∂kit edu


Lukas grew up in a small town not far from Karlsruhe.

After finishing high school he started studying physics at KIT and graduated with a Master's degree in January of 2016. For his Master thesis he decided to join the group of Prof. Dr. Alexey Ustinov where he was supervised by Dr. Martin Weides and worked on 3D transmon qubits.

During this work, Lukas got excited about the physics of superconducting quantum circuits and wanted to continue research in this field as a PhD student.

In the spring of 2016 Lukas joined Dr. Ioan Pop's group and is currently working on high kinetic inductance media for applications in superconducting quantum circuits.


Public PGP-Key: 0xEF6B6BE6.asc
(Fingerprint B362 10BC C5B9 DE7A F1ED 0004 9275 55B7 EF6B 6BE6)