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Spin excitation in ultrathin ferromagnetic films and multilayers

Spin excitation in ultrathin ferromagnetic films and multilayers

PhD Thesis within the Heisenberg Spin-dynamics Group, PHI, KIT



Kontaktperson: Dr. Khalil Zakeri Lori


Ultrathin magnetic films and multilayers possess novel properties that have had a major impact on the innovation of the information technology. Many static magnetic properties of this class of materials, which lead to their desired functionalities, are now well-known. Since the speed of operation is important for faster information processing, nowadays the magneto-electronic technology pushes toward high speed operation. This fact implies that a better knowledge of the dynamic magnetic properties of magnetic thin films and multilayers is required. Hence the processes which are linked to spin excitations and ultrafast dynamics in solid are of great importance.

Spin excitations in ultrathin ferromagnetic films and multilayers can be excited by spin-polarized electrons. Our idea is to implement this technique to ultrathin films and multilayers having a more complex magnetic ground state in order to understand the dynamical properties and to discover new and fundamentally interesting effects associated with the reduced dimensionality.

The sample preparation and all the analysis will be performed under ultra-high vacuum. The magnetic excitations shall be investigated by our unique spin- polarized high-resolution electron energy loss spectrometer, recently launched at the Physikalisches Institut.

Please send your application documents (CV, Master thesis, contact information of at least two references and a cover letter) to khalil.zakeri@partner.kit.edu.

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