Daria Gusenkova completed her Bachelor degree in Radioengineering at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2015.

Participation in the International Physicist Tournament inspired her interest in the Experimental Quantum Physics which brought her to the Laboratory of Superconducting Metamaterials (MISIS, Moscow). During master studies Daria worked on the kinetic inductance detectors and traveling wave parametric amplification.

She started her PhD in the Dr. Ioan Pop's group in 2017 and her current project investigates scalable quantum architectures with transverse and longitudinal coupling.


Francesco Valenti

  • www.phi.kit.edu

Born in a small village in the italian alps, Francesco obtained a Bachelor's degree in Materials Engineering from Politecnico di Torino in 2015, where he worked on epoxy-graphene nanocomposites under the supervision of prof. Matteo Pavese.

He then moved to Grenoble, France, to attend the Master's course in Nanophysics as well as the Magistère de Physique (excellence track in physics), graduating in 2017 with a thesis on microwave kinetic inductance detectors made with granular Aluminum. The project was tutored by Ioan Pop (KIT) and Florence Lévy-Bertrand (CNRS).

Since 2018 he's a PhD candidate in KIT under the supervision of prof. Marc Weber (Institut für Prozessdatenverarbeitung und Elektronik, IPE), co-advised by Ioan Pop, and working in close contact with Oliver Sander (IPE). His current research focuses on fast operations on superconducting quantum bits and resonators using field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

Our group in 2018

Pop group in 2018