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Research Group Ustinov

Prof. Alexey UstinovProf. Dr. Alexey Ustinov


Physikalisches Institut
Wolfgang-Gaede-Str. 1
D-76131 Karlsruhe, Germany

tel. +49 721 608 43455
sekr. +49 721 608 43451
fax +49 721 608 46103
mail alexey.ustinov∂kit.edu


Diploma degree: 1984 Moscow University of Physics and Technology, Department of General and Applied Physics
Ph.D.: 1987 Institute of Solid State Physics; Chernogolovka, Russian Academy of Sciences ("Candidate of Science")
Habilitation: 1995 Institute of Solid State Physics, Chernogolovka, Russian Academy of Sciences ("Doctor of Science")


1984-1992 Institute of Solid State Physics, Chernogolovka, Russia
1993-1995 Research Centre Jülich, Germany
1996-2008 Professor, Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany
since 2008 Professor Universität Karlsruhe (TH), Germany

Research visits and sabbaticals

1989-1991 University of Tübingen, Germany
1991-1992 Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
1992-1993 University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy
2005-2006 University of California, Berkeley, USA
2006 NTT Basic Research Laboratory, Atsugi, Japan

Fields of research:

Superconductivity, Josephson junctions and arrays, macroscopic quantum coherence, superconducting qubits, solitons in Josephson transmission lines, microwave spectroscopy, millimeter- and submillimeter wave experiments, low temperature laser microscopy

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