Elementary spin excitations in solids, Spin-dependent phenomena, Quantum- and Nano-magnetism

Experimental investigations of elementary excitations in solids belong to one of the most important research directions in condensed-matter physics. Such investigations are essential to understand many phenomena in solids e. g. magnetic ordering, superconductivity, transport, electron/spin/lattice dynamics, etc.

Our main research is concerned about the experimental investigations of elementary excitations in different solid state systems including metals, strongly correlated oxides, as well as superconducting, magnetic and topological materials by means of the state-of-the-art spin-polarized high resolution electron spectroscopy techniques. Our goal is to understand the fundamental physical mechanisms and to discover new quantum phenomena associated with the elementary excitations.


  • Spin excitations in correlated quantum materials
  • Spin excitations in ultrathin metallic ferromagnets


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