Bachelor-, Master- and Doctoral Theses

Topics for graduation (Bachelor, Master, Ph. D.) are continiously offered from the various research areas. The list of finished theses may give you an impression about the different possibilities of experimental work. For a specific interest please contact the responsible group-leader.

We encourage you to get further information by personally contacting the undergraduate or graduate students in the laboratories of the institute. (Physics building, 1., 3. - 5. floor and basement).

Apart from solving challenging research problems, you will improve your skills and know-how for your career during your graduation time, by getting involved into::

  • Online control of experiments
  • Software programming
  • Small signal-measuring and high frequency measurements
  • UHV- und cryotechnics
  • Thin-film deposition techniques
  • Micro- and nanostructuring

This internet presentation will give you a short survey about the institute. For further information the undergraduate and graduate students will be happy to meet you for a short discussion about

  • the recent research
  • the scientific requirement
  • the atmosphere
  • the supervising

and much more which will be important for your work here and a successful graduation.