Welcome to the Physikalisches Institut

On our homepage we want to provide you with information about studies and lesson as well as about research at the Physikalisches Institut.
You will find us in 1. - 4. floor of the Physics building.

The institute focuses on recent topics of experimental solid-state physics.


Research groups

Prof. Dr. David Hunger Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Wernsdorfer Dr. Ioan Pop
Prof. Dr. Alexey Ustinov Prof. Dr. Wulf Wulfhekel Dr. Philip Willke
Prof. Dr. Georg Weiß Prof. Dr. Bernd Pilawa PD Dr. Khalil Zakeri Lori

Retired professors

Prof. Dr. Elmar Dormann
Prof. Dr. Jörg Hasse
Prof. Dr. Hilbert v. Löhneysen



 F. Valenti, KIT
Quantum Computers: A Future Underground?

An international research team has succeeded in improving the stability of quantum circuits by operating them shielded from natural radioactivity by cosmic rays underground.

 Alexander Stehli

Current student and postdoc opportunities