Introduction to nanomagnetism

Taking devices to the limit of miniaturization, where quantum effects become important, makes it essential to understand the interplay between the classical properties of the macroscale and the quantum properties of the microscale.



Magnetization reversal of individual magnetic nanoparticles are studied as a function of microwave magnetic field.




Single-molecule magnetismSingle-molecule magnetism

Single-molecule magnets combine the classic macroscale properties of a magnet with the quantum properties of a nanoscale entity. They display an impressive array of quantum effects.



Molecular quantum spintronicsMolecular quantum spintronics

Fabrication, characterization, and study of molecular devices in order to read and manipulate the spin states of individual molecules and to perform basic quantum operations.


Nano electromechanical systemNano electromechanical system

Carbon nanotube nano electromechanical systems (NEMS) are used to probe nanomagnets



Molecular Quantum Opto-Spintronics

Single-photon quantum sources are integrated in molecular spintronic devices.



Exploring materials for future spintronics

Investigating the magnetoelectronic and magnetooptic properties of magnetic materials and nanostructures.