Superconducting Quantum Circuits

  • Job Offer:

    Fabricating and characterizing of superconducting quantum devices: Several research projects available

  • Job Type:

    Bachelor, Master, Ph.D.

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  • Contact Person:

    Dr. Hannes Rotzinger, Dr. Jürgen Lisenfeld

Properly designed superconducting devices allow for unique properties, for instance a extremely high magnetic field sensitivity or a very long coherence time of the quantum state. In combination with the application of conventional thin film technology this lead to very active research areas like medical imaging (MRI), high resolution single photon detection, ultra low noise parametric amplification, microwave meta-materials and quantum computing. Our research at the PI / KIT is focused on unconventional superconducting quantum circuits and superconducting quibts.

Within the thesis, devices will be designed and fabricated at local cleanroom facilities and later analysed in our low temperature cryostats. The student will learn state-of-the art thin film technology as well as the measurement skills at cryogenic temperatures. We are looking for highly motivated students with interests in solid state physics, quantum information processing and nanotechnology.

We offer projects on

  • Josephson tunnel junctions with on-chip microwave resonators
  • Quantum phase slip wires (superconducting nanowires)
  • High impedance circuit quantum electrodynamic devices