Setting up a dilution refrigerator

Do you want to cool down?

You could participate to develop, build, and test world’s smartest table-top dilution refrigerators, called Sionludi

We are building a unique platform for low-temperature research using table-top dilution cryostats, which have been developed at the Néel Institute. Sionludis make it possible to reach temperatures of about 30 mK in only 3 hours. The currently available cooling power is about 200 μW at 100 mK and the minimum temperature is about 15 mK.


Experimental setup: Table-top dilution cryostat at the Néel Institute


Collaboration with the Néel Institute: Trips to Grenoble !!!

The setups are home-built
A unique platform for low-temperature research is built using table-top dilution refrigerators
Sionludino is an Arduino-based control system for the Sionludi inverted dilution cryostat, being developed at the Néel Institute